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The Glamping Show - The Style Counsellor collaborates with De Waard Tenten at Stoneleigh Park

Date Published 21 May 2024

Creating the Perfect Glamping Experience: How I Helped De Waard Dress Their Tents for The Glamping Show

When De Waard, a renowned name in the world of tents, approached me to help dress their two large tents for The Glamping Show 2023, I knew it was going to be an exciting yet challenging task. From the initial planning stages to the final takedown, the journey was a whirlwind of creativity, logistics, and hands-on work. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how I transformed these tents into stunning glamping showcases.

Setting the Vision with Moodboards

The first step in the process was to discuss the brief, budget and expectations over a video call. I met with the Operational Coordinator, Pascal, who supplied me with the information required and we agreed a timescale for a follow up call and some design ideas. The next stage for me then was to create detailed moodboards. These visual tools were essential in setting the tone and style for each tent. De Waard wanted to showcase different aspects of the glamping experience, so I needed to ensure each tent had its unique theme and aesthetic. Using images and colour palettes I created moodboards that encapsulated the luxury, comfort, and outdoor charm that De Waard tents are known for.

Inventory and Budget Planning

With the vision in place, the next step was to take stock of the inventory and plan the budget. This involved listing all the items we needed—from furniture and lighting to decorative accents and bedding. We had to strike a balance between splurging on statement pieces and saving on smaller, but equally important, items. Every detail was meticulously planned to ensure we stayed within budget while still achieving the desired look and feel. I had two very different tents to fit out with beautiful, yet practical items that the show visitors would relate to and it was important that glamping was still very much the feel of the experience.

Coordination via Video Calls

Given the scale of the project, effective communication was crucial. Regular video calls with the De Waard team helped us stay aligned and make real-time decisions. These calls were not just about discussing progress; they also served as brainstorming sessions where we could tweak designs, explore new ideas, and address any logistical challenges that arose. Bearing in mind that they were coming from Holland and I needed to take everything with me nothing could be unclear beforehand or forgotten on the day I travelled to the site.

The Logistics: Van Hire and Accommodation

The logistical aspect of the project was no small feat. I hired a van to transport all the furnishings and decorations to the show venue in Kenilworth. This required careful planning to ensure everything was packed securely and efficiently. Additionally, to manage the tight schedule, I arranged to stay overnight in Kenilworth. This allowed me and my co-worker to be on-site early and work late, maximizing our time for setting up and dressing the tents.

Dressing the Tents in Two Days

Upon arrival, we had two days to dress both tents. The first day was dedicated to setting up the larger pieces of furniture and ensuring the layout was perfect. I wanted each tent to feel spacious yet cozy, functional yet stylish. The second day was all about the details - dressing the six beds, laying the tables, arranging cushions, hanging pictures, mirrors and lights, placing rugs, and adding those final touches that would make the tents truly inviting.

The Final Push: Undressing Them Both Again in Just Three Hours

On the Saturday I travelled up to the show again and had a wander around the other truly inspiring stands showcasing all different types of accommodation. After the show I had a tight window of just three hours in which to undress the tents. This required a well-orchestrated effort where I and every De Waard team member had a hands on role. I systematically dismantled the furniture, packed away the items, ensuring nothing was damaged and everything was accounted for, and the De Waard sales team carefully loaded them into the van for me. The efficient takedown was a testament to the super teamwork that had been a part of the whole process and I cannot thank them enough for their support.


Helping De Waard dress their tents for The Glamping Show was a hugely rewarding experience. It involved a blend of creativity, meticulous planning and hands-on work and really validated my work. From moodboards to video calls, and from van hire to organising overnight accommodation every step was crucial in bringing the vision to life. The successful transformation of the tents into luxurious glamping havens was a true team effort and a highlight of my career in design and installation. To be chosen by an overeas company who are leaders in their field was a truly wonderful opportunity and to have forged friendships with such lovely people from an organised and professional company has been a real bonus. They had over 100 enquiries from show visitors and have secured 'show sites' with site owners who have agreed to host the fabulous tents.

Roll on this year's show as The Style Counsellor has been asked to work with them again and I cannot wait !!!